Dunia Plast is one of the few companies that owns automatic machines in the field of manufacturing PET bottles which pass through several stages.

Our expertise lies in the production of a large and varied range of plastic packages, including wide-necked jars (jars), in addition to jugs and intricate lids, and we are distinguished by our ability to find complete and appropriate solutions for all types of packages and various sizes.

Dunia Plast depend on :

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) injection using one stage of injection and inflating technology, in which plastic granules are converted into ready made packages 100% untouched by hands.
  •  Automatic  Extrusion molding. 


Adding the added value to the customer's product that helps to make it at local and world markets, and hence it increases sales and pleases our dear customers.


Providing all appropriate solutions for environmentally friendly packaging that suit the needs of all sectors, whether food or medical, seeking the finest products and designs.